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Scared of the dentist? Ways to help with Dental anxiety!

AUTHOR Marlena Mondino

When you think of going to the dentist, do you feel your heart start racing? Do you get nervous of sitting in the chair and having those sharp instruments in your mouth? Well, you are not alone when it comes to this! Studies show that 1 in 4 people have fears of going to the dentist. But there are ways to help you get over these issues.

Some people have developed these problems due to past experiences, and some are scared of the dentist because they are nervous about feeling pain. With the dental industry advancing all the time, there are many ways that sedation and anesthetics can help stop these fears.

There are a few ways to help with handling your fear of the dentist. One of them would be to come in and meet with the doctor to talk about your issues. They can go over the procedures that need to be done and talk about your anxiety and ways to treat it. They can also offer ways to keep you calm, such as a blanket or pillow during your appointment, or music to listen too.

Another way to help with your anxiety is to talk to your friends or family. Sometimes getting advice from the people closest to you can help manage your fear, and sharing their good experiences with you can make it a little easier to go to the dentist.

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We Won!

AUTHOR Marlena Mondino


Thank you to all our amazing patients for voting for us.

Your support means more then you will ever know!

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Why it’s important to see the dentist twice a year

AUTHOR Marlena Mondino

About 50 year’s ago, the standards for dental care were not the greatest. People would go to the dentist only when there was an emergency, and the preventive care given wasn’t as good as it is today.

The standards for dental care have definitely improved since then. Even if you have the best dental routine at home, it is still important to come every 6 months to see your dentist. Problems usually don’t occur until they are in the more advanced stages. This is why it is important to see your dentist regularly so problems such as cavities and gum disease can be detected before they reach those later stages.

On average, seeing the dentist twice a year is the common routine, however, if you are at high risk of getting cavities or gum disease, it is better to come every 3-4 months. Some examples of high risk cases include:

  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • People with gum disease
  • People who are prone to getting cavities

Always make sure to ask your dentist what they recommend your regular check-ups should be, as it isn’t the same for everyone.

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Healthy Teeth On Thanksgiving Day!

AUTHOR Marlena Mondino

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays of the year! But its also really important to keep your teeth nice and healthy throughout the holiday season. Whether you are at home, or at a loved one’s home, here are a few dental tips to keep your teeth nice and white during the holidays!


Drink lots of water throughout the day!

The worst thing we can do during the holidays is eat food all day and not drink any water. Its important to drink water between meals because your saliva does not have enough time to clean your teeth, therefore, drinking water will help wash away all the food that is caught between your teeth.


Brush, Floss, and Rinse!

Whether you are at home, or at family’s house, it is always important to bring your tooth brush and floss with you. Since you may be eating a few times during the day, it is important to brush at least 3 times on thanksgiving to get rid of any food particles that may build up throughout the day!


Staining food!

Some of our favorite foods during thanksgiving can be the worst for our teeth! Cranberries can usually stain your white teeth. Sticky foods, such as pecan pies, can leave food particles in your mouth that will munch away at your teeth all day. So it is important to be mindful of the food you eat around this time of year!

We want to wish all of our

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For Your Beautiful Natural-Looking Smile

AUTHOR Sharise

Believe it or not, teeth are constantly on the move – they’re not fixed solidly into your jawbone.  Movement stimulates your bone to stay strong and healthy.

Without a root to stimulate your jawbone, bone loss always occurs.  That’s why when your root is damaged or put at risk by a decayed or broken tooth, we try to save as much of the tooth as we can.

One of the most multipurpose restorative options is the dental crown.  Crowns protect and secure cracked or broken teeth, strengthen decayed teeth, restore teeth after root canal treatment, and cover severe stains.

What does this mean for you?

Dental crowns are tooth-colored and natural-looking and they function just like real teeth.  Your jawbone stays strong and healthy.  You can smile and laugh with confidence and eat all the crunchy healthy food you like.

The best part?

Take care of your crowns the same way you take care of your natural teeth….. by brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

Call our office to schedule an appointment!

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5 Easy Ways to help your kids Brush and Floss

AUTHOR Marlena Mondino

Sometimes it feels like kids will do anything to stay away from keeping a healthy lifestyle. From eating vegetables to brushing their teeth, it just feels impossible. But it is important as parents to make sure that these daily routines are kept, especially brushing and flossing. As dental professionals, we don’t see our patients every day, so it makes it hard for us to be on top of everybody. But what we can do is teach parents how to get their kids into that a healthy lifestyle, and how to make brushing and flossing fun at home! Here are some ways to do this:

  1. Make it a fun game – Competition is a big motivator for kids, so try and make a game out of it, whether it is with both kids or mom and child, making a game out of brushing their teeth at night will definitely push them to brush more!
  1. Try an electronic toothbrush – Kids don’t have much patience for hassle and tedium. An electronic toothbrush can reduce some of the frustration and make it fun for the kids to brush their teeth. While it is easier than using a manual toothbrush, it actually helps them brush their teeth a little better, with less work. Even adults love their electric tooth brushes!
  1. Let them pick out the supplies – Let’s be honest, what kid doesn’t like to pick out their own toys? By

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Could There Be An End To Root Canals?

AUTHOR Sharise

Scientists from the University of Nottingham and the Wyss Institute at Harvard University hope to find a way to end the dreaded root canal. At the moment they are developing a treatment strategy that may be able to repair the damaged tooth using the patient’s own stem cells.

Root canal treatment consists of the removal of damaged or infected gum tissue and then sealing the canals and tooth with dental material. These scientists are hoping to create a material that will aid in the regeneration of the pulp tissue.

At the moment, the procedure is in the earliest stages and they do not expect that they will be able to test it on humans in the near future.

For more information, you can see the article at: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/stem-cell-dental-research-regenerate-tooth-root-canals

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