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What Are Tonsil Stones- and How do you get rid of them?

AUTHOR Dr. Shulman

What are Tonsil Stones- and How Do You Get Rid of Them?



Tonsil stones, also called tonsilloliths, are areas of hard yellow-white calcification, located on or within the tonsils. Some people are aware of them but many people don’t even know they have them. They can range in size, and can cause the tonsils to swell or become infected. Patients main concern is that they often give off a bad odor, and cause bad breath.

Your tonsils are made up of crevices, tunnels, and pits called tonsil crypts. Different types of debris, such as dead cells, mucus, saliva, and food, can get trapped in these pockets and build up. Bacteria and fungi feed on this buildup and cause a distinct odor. Overtime the debris hardens. Tonsils stones are more common in patients with poor dental hygiene, large tonsils, chronic sinus issues or tonsillitis. Some symptoms of tonsil stones can include:  bad breath, difficulty swallowing, ear or throat pain, ongoing cough, swollen tonsils, or white or yellow debris on the tonsils. Here at Innovation Drive Dental in Vaughan, we can remove these stones quite easily and painlessly. 

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Why do I need Fluoride?

AUTHOR Natalie

Why do I need Fluoride?


Many patients ask this common question when visiting our office, the short answer is to prevent cavities and reverse early signs of decay. Fluoride works by neutralizing the acidity in your saliva,  in order to minimize  or eliminate attacks the tooth structure after each meal. Fluoride can also help reduce sensitivity in  recessed areas in the mouth where the root of the tooth is exposed.


Which Fluoride is best for me?


There are options of Fluoride treatment in office that include:

  • Foam tray application
  • Fluoride rinse
  • Fluoride paint on varnish


Every application Is  decided on each patients age, needs, and risk assessment. Each method is different and varies in cost but your hygienist will be able to tell you which option best suits your needs.


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3 Quick Tips To Improving Your Dental Routine

AUTHOR Sharise

Daily brushing and flossing your teeth are the two things that most dental professionals recommend at your regular visits and checkups, but did you know there are a few more things you can do to achieve great breath and a healthy smile?

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Cavity Culprits

AUTHOR Sharise

In Today’s Parent January/February 2018 there was an article on cavities in children. Did you know that between 2010 and 2012 almost 30,000 children underwent day surgery to restore decayed teeth?

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