1. How long will my initial appointment take?

    We recommend a new patient exam for all new patients. This is a VERY thorough hour-long exam with Dr. Shulman. It allows you to address any questions or concerns you may have. We take a full mouth series of x-rays, chart any existing work and any treatment you may have, measure your bone levels, take intra-oral pictures of your teeth and perform an oral cancer screening.

  2. Do I need to have this exam?

    It is recommended unless you have had one done at your previous dental office in the past 3 years. It allows Dr. Shulman to get a chance to really know you and give us an idea of everything going on in your mouth.

  3. Do I need to take x-rays?

    While we respect all of our patients, please note that without the required x-rays, we cannot guarantee a proper diagnosis. Should you choose not to have x-rays taken, we will not force you to. Please remember though, x-rays allow us to see and diagnose any issues that are not visible clinically. X-rays can show us any cavities in between your teeth, infections of the root, periodontal disease (bone loss), and any developmental abnormalities. It also allows our hygienist to see any possible tarter below the gum line so that we can customize and tailor your cleaning based on your needs. By taking check-up x-rays yearly, it allows us to find and treat dental problems at early stages preventing pain and discomfort in your future. If you have had a full mouth series of x-rays taken at your previous dental office in the past 2 years, we would be more than happy to send over a records release request to have them sent over to our office.

  4. When should I bring my child for their first dental appointment?

    While the Canadian Dental Association recommends bring your child for their first dental visit when they turn 1 or when they get their first tooth, we recommend bringing your child in for their first visit to Innovation Drive Dental at 3 years old. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teeth or development at a younger age, we would be happy to see them but may need to refer them to a specialist for care if needed.


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