1. Dental appointments during COVID

    There is still a pandemic happening and we are taking extra precautions to ensure everyone’s protection. This takes time. When you come in you will see many changes that we have made in the office. For the next little while the reception area will be quite bare, and you will see some barriers placed on the front desk. Treatment rooms have been closed off with plastic doorways. The ventilation system has been upgraded and we have added HEPA filters for each treatment room as well as large aerosol collecting equipment. These look like “elephant trunks’ as we call them.  The staff will be dressed in some different gear, sometimes more than other times depending on the treatment provided.

    For those of you that know us well know we love to chat and spend time with our patients, and you can always count on a smile from us. But, for now this smile will be under our mask as the staff and any patients entering the clinic are required to wear a mask at all times. You will be sent a screening questionnaire to be filled out once before the appointment AND again on the day of the appointment. You will be asked to stay in your car and check in with us by phone or text. Although we love seeing your whole family, we must limit people in the clinic so you must come to your appointment alone. Your temperature will be taken at the door. We are working hard to make checkout contactless as well, so rebooking appointments and payments can be done on your way out or over the phone from your car. We have added e-transfers as a method of payment.


  1. How long will my initial appointment take?

    We recommend a new patient exam for all new patients. This is a VERY thorough hour-long exam with Dr. Shulman. It allows you to address any questions or concerns you may have. We take a full mouth series of x-rays, chart any existing work and any treatment you may have, measure your bone levels, take intra-oral pictures of your teeth and perform an oral cancer screening.

  2. Do I need to have this exam?

    It is recommended unless you have had one done at your previous dental office in the past 3 years. It allows Dr. Shulman to get a chance to really know you and give us an idea of everything going on in your mouth.

  3. Do I need to take x-rays?

    While we respect all of our patients, please note that without the required x-rays, we cannot guarantee a proper diagnosis. Should you choose not to have x-rays taken, we will not force you to. Please remember though, x-rays allow us to see and diagnose any issues that are not visible clinically. X-rays can show us any cavities in between your teeth, infections of the root, periodontal disease (bone loss), and any developmental abnormalities. It also allows our hygienist to see any possible tarter below the gum line so that we can customize and tailor your cleaning based on your needs. By taking check-up x-rays yearly, it allows us to find and treat dental problems at early stages preventing pain and discomfort in your future. If you have had a full mouth series of x-rays taken at your previous dental office in the past 2 years, we would be more than happy to send over a records release request to have them sent over to our office.

  4. When should I bring my child for their first dental appointment?

    While the Canadian Dental Association recommends bring your child for their first dental visit when they turn 1 or when they get their first tooth, we usually see children for their first visit to Innovation Drive Dental at 3 years old as this is closer to the age that they can sit still in the chair for some treatment or an examination. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teeth or development at a younger age, we would be happy to see them but may need to refer them to a specialist for care if needed.


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