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Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to never dread the dentist again?

Common dental fears include: fear of pain, insufficient freezing, sound of the drill, needle phobia, or simply, a past traumatic experience. As a result, many patients avoid dental care until it is a true dental emergency.

Nitrous oxide sedation transforms adults and children filled with anxieties about dental treatment into comfortable, relaxed and responsive patients. This allows us to make the most efficient use of your time while in the chair, but also leaves you feeling completely positive about yourself and your dental treatment experience. Nitrous Oxide sedation has helped millions of people overcome their anxieties. It is safe, effective and the most trusted of all dental relaxation. To top things off you will be able to safely drive yourself home or to work following your appointment.

At Innovation Dental, we provide our patients with a caring and gentle service, tailored to your comfort and anxiety level. Let us help you overcome your dental fears. Enjoy dentistry in our Spa-like atmosphere and relax in the comfort of our new massage chairs while undergoing cleanings, dental examinations and treatment. Take the first step and book an appointment today!

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You can relax in the comfort of our massage dental chairs while undergoing dental treatments.

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