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I only floss on Fortnite

AUTHOR Dr Jennifer Shulman  |  TAGS Dentist Woodbridge, Dentist Vaughan, Dentist Kleinburg, Dentist Brampton, Dentist Bolton, Woodbridge Dentist, Vaughan Dentist, Brampton Dentist, Kleinburg Dentist, Bolton Dentist, Woodbridge Dentistry, Vaughan Dentistry, Kleinburg Dentistry, Brampton Dent floss fortnite instagram tiktok

Dance moves have changed a lot over the years but one move that became a worldwide phenomenon is “the floss “. Back In the summer of 2016 a kid on Instagram pioneered the move he coined “the floss” shortly after the world had just mastered the “dab” and the “twerk”. Today you still see this move all over Instagram, TikTok, and Fortnite. As dentists, this is not a new term for us but it has taken on a whole new meaning. Today if we ask our adult, or over the age of millennial patients “Do you floss? “, the most common reply is “no or not as much as I should”. But, if we ask any child, teen or millennial patient “Do you floss?”, the answer is always “of course! “ as they jump out of the chair and begin to swing their arms left and right around their torso in the opposite direction to their hips.

Dr Shulman: “not exactly what I was asking but hey.....you are a mighty good flosser. Keep up the good work!”

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