Tooth Sensitivity

As the weather begins to cool down and the wind begins to blow we get patients coming in complaining of tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is when the Dentin of our teeth becomes exposed to the environment. Sometimes our teeth react to hot, cold, sweets, and pressure. The exposure of dentin can be cause by several different factors- wearing of your enamel, decayed teeth (cavities) or root exposure. At times your sensitivity may be relieved simply by brushing with your toothpaste for sensitivity (Sensodyne, Colgate pro-health). If your sensitivity is not generalized and certain teeth are causing the discomfort you can try rubbing your toothpaste for sensitivity on your teeth nightly for a minute without rinsing.  These are some simple cures to tooth sensitivity, but they do not always work for everyone. If you are experiencing sensitivity, come visit the Dentists at Innovation Dental so that they can assess your situation and discuss further treatment to help you and your sensitive teeth! J


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