12 Other Uses for Dental Floss (Flossing your teeth is still the #1 use)

1) Line drying clothing: Using super-strong floss is a great choice to hang dry your clothes. Just attach it to 2 stationary objects and you’re good to go!

2) Replace a shoe lace: Have you ever been out and about when all the sudden you realize your shoelace has ripped? If you have dental floss on you, you can use it as a shoe lace replacement until you have the time to buy a new one.

3) Support climbing plants:  Plants like roses, cucumbers and tomatoes normally need the help of scaffolding to help them grow upwards. Try using floss. Create a trellis by tying the floss in a ladder pattern.

4) Hang things around the house: No explanation needed.

5) Make a dream catcher: Use different coloured floss for this DIY fun art project.

6) Remove sticky photos:  Older photos tend to stick to the pages in photo albums. To prevent damaging the photo in the process of removing it from the album, use a piece of floss and gently slide it between the photo and the album page.

7) Remove cookies from a cookie tray: Do the same thing you would do for removing sticky photos. This time, use the floss between the cookie and the cookie tray and then gently slide the cookies onto a serving plate.

8) Slice cake: You’re on a picnic and forgot to bring a knife along…Don’t worry! If you have floss on you, it should do the trick. Hold the floss tight and slice away!

9) Make a hair tie

10) Lock your luggage: Instead of using zip-ties, try using some dental floss.

11) Use it to sew: Floss is very strong and makes an excellent thread. Keep it nearby in the case of any rips or tears while participating in outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

12) Quiet a dripping faucet: If your faucet is leaking, try tying a piece of floss at the spout and let it hang down into the basin. This allows the water to slide down the floss and prevents the annoying sound of dripping.

*Welcome To 2013*

welcome 2013

To all of our wonderful patients, we welcome you to 2013. We hope you had relaxing holidays and that it hasn’t been too hard getting back into the swing of things. With all New Years come New Year resolutions. A common, but often unsuccessful one is flossing every day. Many excuses arise, “I don’t floss in the morning because I’m always running late” or “I don’t floss at night because it takes too much time and I’m SO tired”. All these may seem to be legitimate excuses, but what are you doing during your down time? Watching TV? Browsing? Reading a book? A tip we suggest to our patients is to keep floss where you spend most of your down time. Whether that’s in your family room, in your office, or by your bed, make sure to always have floss handy. It takes no more than 2 minutes of your time to floss your teeth, these 2 minutes improve your oral and overall health immensely!

To end things off, check out this cute video on New Year’s Resolutions: http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/8239079/flossing