Here at Innovation Dental we are caring professionals devoted to your oral health. Our primary goal is to offer preventative services and treatment in a safe, comfortable and timely fashion. We start off with a New Patient exam which includes thorough inventory of your mouth, your overall health and any treatment that may be needed. Other services available at our office include: Composite (tooth coloured) restorations, hygiene, root canals, extractions, crown and bridge work, tooth whitening, and Invisalign.

1) Complete Oral Exams and Cleanings:  When we perform cleanings at our office we gently clean the plaque and tarter off hard to reach places that your everyday brushing and flossing cannot clean. After we have removed all hard deposits we will polish your teeth and apply fluoride to maintain the strength of your teeth. Our hygienists are highly trained and offer helpful tips to help you keep your smile sparkling. Recall exams are normally performed every 6-12 months with our dentist after your cleanings to ensure your teeth are healthy and there are no areas of concern.

2) Fillings: At our office we offer composite restorations. These are light hardened, tooth coloured restorations that bond to your teeth so that you cannot tell the difference between your natural tooth and our fillings.

3) Root Canal Therapy:  Root canals tend to have a bad reputation because they are normally needed when a tooth becomes badly infected or when the nerve of the tooth’s health becomes compromised. A root canal is definitely a lengthy appointment (most people fall asleep during this procedure) but it allows us to save your tooth. The process involves gently removing diseased tissue from within the canals of your tooth. We then seal the canals using Gutta Percha, a material that insulates your canals, and then your tooth is restored with a porcelain fused to metal crown.

4) Crowns: The crowns we offer at our office are usually porcelain fused to metal crowns. We place crowns for many reasons but the main reason is to add strength to a root canalled tooth or a heavily restored tooth. This procedure normally takes two appointments. At the first appointment we prepare your tooth for crown work, this normally takes about an hour and a half. At the end of this appointment we send you on your way with a temporary crown. After a week we will invite you back to our office to have your brand new crown permanently cemented to your tooth.

5) Bridgework: Bridge placement is a great way to replace a missing tooth. A bridge normally consists of three parts (but this depends on how many teeth are being replaced). Two of the parts are porcelain fused to metal crowns that are placed on the neighbouring teeth of the missing tooth. The third part is a fake tooth that gently rests on the gum tissue where your tooth once was. This procedure normally takes two appointments. Like crown work, at the first appointment we prepare your teeth for bridgework. This procedure normally takes an hour and half, but it could take longer if more teeth are involved. At the end of this appointment we will send you home with a temporary bridge temporarily cemented in your mouth. After a week we will bring you in for your second appointment to have your new bridge permanently cemented.

6) Porcelain Veneers: If you have chipped front teeth, large restorations on your front teeth, looking to close some gaps at the front of your mouth, or have slightly misaligned teeth, veneers might be right for you. We will have you come in for a consultation to decide if veneer work is the best way to improve your smile. Once a decision has been made we will bring you in for two appointments. At your first appointment we will prepare your teeth for veneer work. This involves removing a small amount of enamel from the front of your tooth. When all teeth have been prepared we will temporarily cement temporary veneers onto your teeth and send you on your way. A week after your first appointment we will bring you back to our office to permanently cement on your veneers. Check out that Hollywood smile!

***Porcelain Veneers are considered cosmetic dentistry and will not be covered by your dental insurance. ***

6) Whitening: Here at Innovation Dental we offer two types of whitening. 1) In-office whitening and 2) Take-home whitening trays.

– In-office Whitening: This is dentist supervised whitening performed in the comfort of our massage dental chairs. The whole procedure will take 2 hours. This includes preparing your teeth for four, fifteen minute long applications of light activated whitening gel. At the end of this procedure we will apply desensitizing agent to your teeth (please note: patient’s may want to take ibuprofen BEFORE the appointment to prevent sensitivity). We will send you home with custom whitening trays for touch ups when needed.

– Take-home whitening trays: This takes a bit longer to achieve desired results (2 weeks). We will have you come in for impressions, this appointment takes 15 minutes. At the end of this appointment we send you on your way. Using your impressions we will fabricate a study model of your teeth and with these we will create custom take-home trays. When your trays are ready for you, we will bring you in to try them on and go over whitening instructions.

7) Extractions: There are many reasons as to why you may need your tooth extracted. You may have a badly broken down tooth, an unsupported tooth (due to bone loss), you may need a tooth extracted for orthodontic purposes (braces), you may be a child who needs room for your adult tooth to erupt, etc. Whatever the reason is, we ensure to make this visit a comfortable one. Even though we offer extractions, we will always visit alternative treatments to prevent the loss of a tooth.

***Wisdom teeth extractions are only performed in our office if they are fully erupted in your mouth. If they are unerupted we will refer our patients to a highly trained oral surgeon for the extraction***

8) Invisalign: Are you self-conscious about crooked teeth? Spaces between your teeth? Areas of misalignment? Invisalign is a fairly new alternative to your regular braces. They are clear, next to invisible aligners that can easily be removed. While this option may not be appropriate for everyone, feel free to come into the office for a free consultation. For more information check out: