Obesity and Periodontal Disease

Just as smoking and uncontrolled glucose levels are significant risk factors for developing periodontal disease, there are many studies that show obesity can also be a risk factor for developing periodontal disease.

Over the past 20 years obesity in both men and women has increased by 8-10%. A study done over the span of 5 years used men and women with BMI’s (body weight in kg/height in meters squared) over 30 to determine whether obesity was connected to periodontal disease. These individuals enrolled in this study with no prior history of periodontal disease. At the end of the study, regardless of smoking status or diabetes, it was found that obese persons were at higher risk for developing periodontal disease over healthy individuals.  The exact reason for which obesity contributes to periodontal disease is unknown.

Ways to prevent periodontal disease include: eating healthy, exercise, daily flossing and brushing, and regular check-ups with your dentist!

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