Cavity Culprits

In Today’s Parent January/February 2018 there was an article on cavities in children. Did you know that between 2010 and 2012 almost 30,000 children underwent day surgery to restore decayed teeth? The reason for the day surgery is that most children under the age of 5 cannot sit still in the dental chair for longer periods of time or because of their fear of the dentists. Some parents and professionals think it is easier to have all treatment done at once (while sedated) so that they do not traumatize the child from future dental treatment (like your regular cleanings and check-ups). While there are many factors to the development of childhood caries (like the level of fluoridation in the water, diet, and one’s socioeconomic status), the main cause is that you have the cavity-causing bacteria known as streptococcus mutans/strep mutans in your mouth. We are not born with these bacteria, it is normally passed onto us from a parent through sharing of utensils, food, or when parents may clean their child’s pacifier in their own mouth after it has fallen on the floor. It is best to be mindful and try to avoid doing all of the above. However, once the bacteria have been passed onto the child, please do your best to keep their teeth clean. Remember to brush twice a day, try to floss once a day (especially if their teeth are coming in close together), reduce sugar intake (if they are eating something chewy or sweet, we recommend rinsing with water afterwards). While brushing and flossing may be a difficult task (especially for younger kids) this should be non-negotiable as the outcome of not keep up with oral hygiene could be much worse than your daily fight to get them to do this. The Canadian Dental Association recommends bringing your child for their first visit at 1 year old (or when their teeth have started to erupt). Please contact us at Innovation Drive Dental at 905-264-0333. We would be happy to meet your little ones for their first HAPPY VISIT 😊

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