Apthous Ulcers, otherwise known as Canker Sores, are recurrent ulcers within the mouth.  They normally appear between the ages of 10 and 20 years old, and are most common in women.

Although there is no direct link to the cause of these ulcers, it is believed that certain foods (citrusy or acidic fruits and vegetables), stresses, vitamin deficiencies (folic acid and B12), and immune problems may be a somewhat cause.

There are three categories of apthous ulcers. 1)Minor, 2) Major and 3) Herpetiform.

1)Minor Apthous Ulcers:  80% of all cases, no larger than 2-8mm in diameter, last 10-14 days, no scarring left.

2) Major Apthous Ulcers: 10-15% of all cases, larger than 10mm in diameter, last 2-8 weeks, potential of scarring.

3) Herpetiform Apthous Ulcers: 5-10% of all cases, multiple ulcers ranging between 2-3mm, usually painful, no potential of scarring.

While most people do not experience any discomfort and no treatment is required, topical analgesics and anesthetics have been prescribed for those who experience pain. If sores occur frequently, you should see a doctor to rule out any possible underlying systemic disorders.

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