A recent article in Canada’s Chatelaine magazine informs readers of foods and drinks that can cause tooth discomfort.

-Sparkling Water: Fizzy sipping water can increase tooth sensitivity. The bubbles in sparkling water are highly acidic. Overtime they can slowly eat away tooth enamel. Try drinking carbonated beverages with a straw to prevent the liquids from hitting the teeth directly.

– Energy Drinks: Imagine dunking your teeth in acid… This is similar to what happens when you drink energy drinks. These drinks can cause irreparable damage to the enamel that protects your teeth. The caffeine in these drinks can also cause you to grind unintentionally.

-Peanut Brittle and Caramels: These treats are notorious for yanking out fillings and crowns. Also, the sugars that are left on your teeth can trigger cavity-causing decay within hours

-Sugary Mints: Sucking on mints bathes teeth in a slow release of sugar. This tends to start decay along the gum line where the enamel is thinnest. People who have a mint habit may experience painful nerve exposure which will likely require root canal therapy.

-Dried Fruits:  Dried fruits are both sugary and sticky. If you do not floss the bits that get wedged between your teeth right away, it leaves your teeth vulnerable to cavities, stains and decay.

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