4 Teeth Damaging Habits


  1. Chewing Ice: This is one habit to quit in order to prevent tooth damage. Chewing ice can cause gum damage or broken teeth. In some cases, teeth are so badly fractured that they may require more major treatment. If it’s the crunchiness of the ice that keeps you chewing, try chewing on a baby carrots or an apple. (A possible cause of chewing ice may be anemia, if you find yourself chewing on a regular basis, see your family doctor).
  2. Using teeth as scissors (I’m definitely guilty of doing thisL): This nasty habit can lead to tiny divots in your teeth, which in turn, can lead to bigger cracks and/or fractures. When in doubt, USE SCISSORS!
  3. The improper use of toothpicks: If used properly, a toothpick is a great tool for removing food from in between teeth, but if you use it too aggressively, you risk hurting your gums, or breaking the pick off in between your teeth.
  4. Chewing of foreign objects:  The only thing that belongs in our mouth is food, so stop chewing on your pens! These objects may be fun to chew on, but they can lead to unnecessary and expensive treatment.


If you’re the victim of any of these habits, feel free to give us a call at 905-264-0333. We would be more than happy to fix you up J

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